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My gas fired RIMS flat rack system....

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My first automated 1/2 barrel system. Propane powered BG14's for the HLT and boil, BG10 for the RIMS burner. Adjustable high pressure regulator with a frame fuel rail. Pilot safety via 3 gas fireplace manual pilot controls. Asco valves fired by Allen Bradley DIN rail relays and PID controllers. Automated mash tun level control with a capacitive proximity sensor. Marsh 815 pumps. Drop-in whirlpool tube. 30 plate heat exchanger feeds direct to primary fermenter with aerator nozzle. Boil controller doubles as the chilled wort temp read out. On system filtered water supply and drain connectors. Way nicer than lugging buckets of water around and boiling chiller coils.  Shown with the 8 gallon pots and connections set for fly sparging. It took me about 6 months to finish the system. (no big hurry, the gravity system seen in the background was still making good beer)

Cool!  Where's the supercharger? ;)

Nice work!

Wow! That is sweet!


--- Quote from: redbeerman on October 30, 2013, 06:40:33 PM ---Cool!  Where's the supercharger? ;)

--- End quote ---

LOL! Wouldn't want to go overkill..  ::) 

Thanks guys! :)


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