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brewed up a ipa recipe that i came up with myself not a box recipe. grain... 4 lbs carapills, 4 lbs caramel 120, 3.3lbs dme pills malt, 3lbs pail dme, 1lb extra pail dme, 1lb begian candy syrup. hopps 2oz sazz pellet, 3oz cascade pellet, 1 oz citra whole cone, also plan on dry hopping in secondary. question i have is by using pellet hops do i need to rack to secondary sooner than normal to avoid the ''grassy'' taste? i have heard of people telling me this on certain ipas but usually calling for more hops. this is my first ipa ive done without havin a recipe to go off of so just lookin for some insight and what to do to take my beer to next level.

To your "grassiness" question. NO. That is utter nonsense.
I hope you meant 4oz and not 4 lbs of carapils, and crystal 120.
Get to know the ingredients, this will help you build a recipe with a certain result in mind. Check out what is used in your favorite beers and start playing with those.

Others on this board likely can provide better info than me on the pellet/whole hops issue, but my experiene is that you don't need to do anything different. Just keep your dry hop time down to <7 days. I think a lot of that grassy flavor comes from too much hop material and/or too long of contact time with the beer. 

I would make a few friendly suggestions on your recipe. I think the 4lbs of carapils and 4lbs of caramel 120 are both overkill.  Carapils is generally used in small amounts (up to 1lb for 5 gallons) for head retention and some body addition, not as a major grain addition. Four pounds would be a waste, IMO, especially if you are steeping your grains. That much would completely overpower your beer instead of adding a nice flavor/color. Try <1lb this time and if you want more, then step it up in future batches. As repo said, hopefully you meant 4oz of each. Also, I would suggest not mixing the subtle european saaz with the powerful US hops. The saaz will likely get lost. Go with more cascade and/or citra and I think you would be happy there.

Joe Sr.:
I pretty much only use pellets.  I don't dry hop often, but when I do I've never noticed grassy flavors.  I dry hop in the keg these days, and remove the hops when I like the taste.  There's some what leaves them in the keg until it kicks, though.

On the carapils, I've never used more than 1/2 lb in any batch.  I don't think you get much if anything in flavor but it should give some body and help with head retention.  4lbs is crazy talk.  Carapils is really not necessary.

I recommend Designing Great Beers (Ray Daniels, I think) if you're coming up with your own recipes.  It's indispensable, IMO.  I don't recall how much he deals with extract, but as a general rule you can replace 1lb of base malt with 2/3 DME or 3/4 LME.

heh yeah as others have noted 4lbs of those specialty malts would be overkill.  Prob just a typo.. but if not I would use a lot less.  As for the grassiness I agree with the others.  Unless you leave the dry hops in there too long you should be fine.  I typically only dry hop for 3 days at a time.  I would also recommend NOT dry hopping in the primary as the yeast will absorb some of the hop oils and it will be less effective.  Get the beer off the majority of the yeast first and then dry hop.


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