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Christmas Vacation Ale

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Welp... here is my first stab at my own winter warmer/holiday ale...

OG = 1.062

Maris Otter = 10.5 lb (85%)
English 60L Caramel = 2 lb (15%)
Chocolate malt = 4 oz

60 minute – .5 oz Nugget
20 minute - .5 oz Cascade and .5 oz Willamette
0 minute – 1 Tablespoon of Vanilla extract
0 minute – Spice blend (Cloves, Nutmeg, Cinnamon, and ginger – less than ¾ tsp total - clove heavy)

White Labs 001 (Starter)

Taste for spices and vanilla before racking – Possibly add accordingly

Rack onto 1 lb of tart cherries

klickitat jim:
That will be fun on a snowy day. You can play a flavor version of Where's Waldo trying to pick out each of those.

Yeah... the point was to have a lot going on, but with just a trace of everything. I want you to have to really search for the flavors in the beer.

klickitat jim:
I've never had such luck. My complex recipes end up tasting brown. But that's using multiple grains for me, I don't use or care for spices much.

I think I'd add the tablespoon of vanilla to the fermenter after the bulk of fermentation is complete. I think at 0 minutes in the kettle most if not all of the vanilla will blow away between the heat from the kettle and the co2 scrubbing from the fermentation.


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