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Tall Boy kettles and False bottoms


Hello everyone,
  I have been a member here for several months. I haven't submitted posts here due to having most of my questions answered through the forum search function. (the information resource here is amazing)That being said my friend and I are finishing up on a Brutus build and have decided on using the Northern brewer tall boy kettles. I wanted to go with a domed false bottom as there does not seem to be an option for a sized false bottom for these kettles. I was wondering if anyone has used a domed false bottom for these kettles and if so what kind of a connection did you use to attach it to the bulkhead. We are planning on the 15 gallon kettles the dimensions are 15.5 Wide x 18.7 Tall.Would definitely appreciate any and all feedback, if you own and like/don't like it, if you recommend a different kettle over this for a Brutus system, if you have found an alternative to using a domed false bottom, etc...
Thanks in advance, Cheers.

My false bottoms are made of perforated stainless (roughly 1/16" holes, evenly spaced) that are cut to fit the mash tun and kettle.  They are held off of the bottom with stainless bolts/nuts, a bunch around the outside plus one in the middle to support it.

Are you using tallboys? Did you have your false bottoms built to fit?


--- Quote from: restlesnativ on November 01, 2013, 04:03:14 AM ---Are you using tallboys? Did you have your false bottoms built to fit?

--- End quote ---
They are converted kegs, not tall boys.  But yes, the false bottoms were cut to fit (and pretty much only fit one way since they are not perfectly round).

Thank you for the feedback. We gave it some thought over the weekend and I think we are going to make our own. Judging by what I've seen for full false bottoms out there I think we can fabricate something to fit. Thanks again.


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