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Blast of random trub during dispensing beer.

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New problem for me.  Every once in a while I get a short shot of dregs in my beer from dispensing from the keg.  It doesn't happen often, but it definitely ruins the pint.  usually makes the beer so dark, light will no pass threw the glass.  the beer clears up right after and may not happen again for some time.  It's like ghost trub.  I've been kegging for 3 years now and the phenomenon just started happening.  Any ideas what this might be?

Joe Sr.:
First pour after the keg has been sitting?

I've had that with some poor floccing yeast.  I now fine with gelatin on those batches before I keg.

usually first poor....but not always

That's not uncommon at all on the first pour, especially so if you don't crash the yeast prior to kegging. 

do you live in a seismically active area? If you are getting more trub and yeast in your kegs than you used to I can imagine that each time you clear a little area around the end of the dip tube it creates a little crater around it. If something were to slightly disturb the surrounding trub crater walls some might well slip down into position to be sucked up on the pour.


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