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looking for a good deal on bulk hops

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what are some of the sites you guys are using for bulk hops?

and if you could pick one hop to brew ipa's with what would you use?


klickitat jim:
I can't afford bulk and I don't have the room to store them. I buy by the pound, ordered thru my LHBS. They usually come from Brew Craft or Hop Heaven. Price varies depending on type.

One hop for IPA ? If forced to it would probably be cascade or centennial because most of the other are best when paired with a dance partner or two. My house IPA is Simcoe Mosaic and Amarillo

thanks, just trying to figure out what hops to order maybe one or two, i don't have a lot of room. i really like hoppy piny ipa's

klickitat jim:
I'd suggest trying a few until you find what you like then stock up. Otherwise you end up giving away hops you don't like. Guess how I know that LOL

good idea, i was thinking about trying Zythos


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