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Direct heat recirculation mash tun

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klickitat jim:
I'm still considering getting rid of my little 3/8"x25' IC and stepping up to the 1/2"x50' with whirlpool and March pump. I'm wondering about making that pump serve more purposes. What are the benefits of a direct heat recirculation mash tun compared to just old fashioned mashing?

Jim, you and I seem to be on the same path in our brewing "careers".  Every time you post about moving your process in a certain direction, I always seem to be thinking the same thing!

I'm by far and expert on this subject, but from what I gathered, recirculating mashes allow mash temp to be dialed in and controlled easier, can make a clearer wort, better heat distribution throughout the wort and easier to do multi-step mashes. 

I'm just now looking into it and this it what I gathered from people I know that brew on RIMS systems.  Just this weekend I was at my LHBS for learn to brew day and they were brewing w/ a Blichmann Tower of Power.  It was their first time using this device to control the recirculating mash w/ direct fire and they said it was the easiest brew session they've ever had...although that Tower of Power is not cheap.

klickitat jim:
Right on. I'm not sure I'll ever get into automation. But I mash in a stainless 8gal or 14 gal tun. If I had a March pump already, it wouldn't be much of a leap to DHRM.

Sounds like you may have everything you need. IIRC, I think you had a two burner set up in one of your pics.  I only have one burner and a second one would come in real handy if I went direct fire controlled. 

klickitat jim:
Yup two burner. Ought to be enough cuz I batch sparge. But if I wanted to eliminate lifting it would take 3


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