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How much effect does repeated foaming have on head retention?


Inspired by a recent discussion about foaming and head retention I conducted a simple experiment where I shook up one beer sample repeatedly while the other was shaken only once. That one time shaking was necessary to make the experiment simpler.

In the end I was not able to detect any significant difference in head retention between both samples. I don't think that it is a myth that foaming affects head retention, I just think that its impact is too small to be noticed by this experiment.

Here is the write-up with pictures: How much effect does repeated foaming have on head retention?


I never thought it made a difference when I shook anything to force-carb it. I wondered if there was an effect but head retention wasn't affected.

It would seem that such abuse to the beer would bruise it somehow- but it doesn't. Nice experiment Kai.

Were those glasses totally free from oils and detergents..? ;)

I agree with you, Kai, that I don't think it's a myth, but I've never been able to detect any negative effects.  I've always wondered if maybe it's because I have enough foam positive elements in the beer so that even if some gets "used up", there's still plenty.


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