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First of all, I love this spice in food. My favorite dessert is Indian rice pudding. I love it equally in sweet and savory dishes, and the aroma is probably my all-time favorite food scent. I have used cardamom sparingly in the past, where is only was a smallish supporting actor - never more than 5 pods in a 5 gal batch. This time I'm giving Cardamom more of a strong supporting role - the Han Solo of the spring's first witbier, if you will. I'm trying a third of an ounce of cardamom pods (coursely ground with 3/4 oz of coriander in a coffee grinder). These spices, along with fresh bitter orange peel and fresh sweet orange peel, will go in at 5 min. I know this is an aggressive amount of cardamom, but I want it to stand out this time, because of how much I love the spice. Has anyone overdone it with this spice? Is there any reason why what I am preparing to do is crazy?

There was a cardomom discussion in this very forum a little ways back.  Check it out...

I will read the link above.

First thought was that's a lot of cardamom! In yogurt I find it incomparable. Just love it. With honey too...

At five minutes. Hmmmm....

Seems like a lot but maybe you're right. Halve it? ???


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