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--- Quote from: Pawtucket Patriot on November 09, 2013, 02:25:11 PM ---Has anyone gone through Boelter?  We're looking at them and Grandstand for our taproom glassware.

--- End quote ---
Yes and no.
They do not have a lot of stuff in stock and lot of stuff has to be special ordered. If this is the case their minimum is around 500 pieces. They said that they will open second warehouse in NY state and this should solve the issue.

They also have stuff that they run sale on and this is little better.

Shipping from grandstrand is about 100 per skid for me. They will ship freight only.

Do NOT use Discount Mugs. I ordered three color screen printing and got a lower quality water decal instead. That and there was about a 25% fail rate on decals that I didn't think were up to QC standards. They did another run of single color on the house after I complained, but there's still smudging on some.


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