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Good beer destinations in Phoenix


I'll be in town on business from Sunday evening until Tuesday evening....

I'm from MI and I'm hoping to try some brews I can't get at home. What are some good beer bars or bottle shops in the area? I'll be staying at the Marriott near the airport, so close to there would be ideal.


Tempe and Mesa used to be my home away from home for a while, but have not been in maybe 7 or 8 years. Sorry if this is too outdated, but here goes.

I have not been to Papago Brewing in a long time, but it was a favorite. It was mainly a beer bar with a good selection of West Coast beers, and a few of their own labels contract brewed at another place. It is a little north of the airport area on rural/Scottsdale Rd and McDowell.

Four Peaks was also a favorite. Near ASU.

You should be able to find many beers we don't get in MI at any bottle shop. Sun Devil liquor was one place I used to stop sometimes.

Thanks for the recommendations! I'll try and check them out.

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Someone with more current info may have input.

Probably a little late but others may be interested.   We have several newer breweries Arizona Wilderness in Gilbert, Huss Brewing in Tempe and Fate Brewing in Scottsdale and all are excellent.   San Tan Brewing and Four Peaks Brewing are great too.


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