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Kambucha anyone?

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Are there still any kambucha brewers here?
 \Cap started a thread once, but seems he is off cooking.

My first batch reminds me of sweet vinegar.  I might let it sit a while more.
Thinking about blending some raspberries and was looking for some tips.

haven't made it, like it though. satisfies in a way very similar to beer.

My wife and I do kombucha. We've done it from purchasing a SCOBY, as well as a starter from a bottle of store bought kombucha.  It's a fun hobby and actually a good way to experiment.. "I wonder what it is like to drink _______________" 

Local brewery here in Austin did a kombucha beer:

Unfortunately I never got around to tasting it, not sure if it's seasonal, or one time collaboration.. I don't know, but I'll be there this weekend for the AHA rally to find out!!

I love kombucha and want to try to make it, but haven't yet. Whenever I gear up to do it I end up thinking, "eh, I'll just make a small batch of beer instead."  ;D

I spoke with a guy in Brooklyn recently who owns a kombucha brewery and has been making kombucha-inspired ales and wines. Basically, instead of a SCOBY he uses and ale yeast and adds some malt to up the alcohol. Interesting concept... Could be a fun experiment.

Whoops!  My .02 on tips for kombucha:  It's very easy to tweak, if you don't like it throw in something new.  Add more sugar, give it more time, steep some hibiscus flowers, whatever you want. The results will come very quickly, especially if you're doing 1-2G batches. Much easier to balance flavors than beer in my opinion.

And save your SCOBY, one SCOBY will last you're entire life and you can pass them along to friends with every new batch.. and of course clean/sanitize like homebrew.


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