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Hi There - I've been brewing all-grain for 8 months (12 batches - still a newbie), and last month we brewed an Irish Red.  This was our third time doing this recipe.  This time I'm getting little-to-no carbonation.  There was no difference in my process from previous batches (Wyeast #1084 less than 4 wks from mfg date; primary for 4 days, secondary for 10 days; OG/FG were good, 1.055/1.011; corn sugar at bottling for 2.3 vols carb; 2 weeks conditioning @ 70F and 1 week in fridge @ 45F).  Two issues / questions:
1) This time I noticed that the air-lock activity stopped day 7, and clarified long before bottling on day 14.  Never seen it go that fast before - any thoughts on why that happened?  How might this point to my problem?  Any solutions for next time this happens?
2) I put the bottles in the fridge last week without checking carb level (dumb idea.)  Would it help to return them to room temp for another week or so? 

klickitat jim:
It wouldn't hurt. Also how many have you opened? If just one, maybe you got a dud that didn't get much sugar. Its been a while since I've bottled but I usually give them four weeks at room temp.

+1 to more time @ room temp.  When I bottled I always made sure they were carbed properly before I stuck them in the fridge. Hopefully that'll do the trick.

Bring back to room temperature for another week or two.  It will help also if a couple times a week you turn over each bottle a couple of times (but don't shake!) to get the yeast sediment back into solution so they can eat your priming sugar easier.  A couple more weeks at room temperature then and you should be alright.

All previous advice is good. Based on my prior errors, for future batches make sure the sugar solution mixes well in the bucket/carboy before bottling. Don't skimp on the water when dissolving the sugar.
I also use one plastic soda bottle that I squeeze the air out of before capping. When fully carbonated, it's hard and gives a satisfying BONG when tapped.


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