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Water adjustments: Strike vs. Sparge

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Once I get a handle on what adjustments need to be made, how do I divide the additives between the strike and the (batch) sparge?  I was thinking that I would just add everything to the total volume and then split between strike and sparge.  Or do most (or all) of the adjustments belong in the 60/90 minute mash?

If you're using the additions to adjust the pH of the mash then obviously you need to be adding them to the mash and would just calculate the necessary additions based on the volume of strike water.  If you're adding just to support a flavor profile then you can just throw them in the kettle.

Agreed...that's the way I do it.

OK, that sounds reasonable...
The flavor profile support is just the Cl:SO4 ratio and the Na & Cl?

This question is addressed in part 4 of JP's & JZ's "Watergasm". Calculate for RA for the mash water but the sparge doesn't need adjustments. Then add in the kettle for bitterness/maltiness targets if desired.


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