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Tubercle has a new hobby...

...making cheese!

If I had known it was this easy and cheap I would have done it years ago.

Got 8 pounds of cheddar, 2 pounds of pepper jack and some sort of parmesan-something-or-other-hybrid-mutant I made up that is aging now. Waiting is the hard part. ;D

  The Tubercle household loves cheese so why not.

And it easier than making beer.

How easy and cheap?  How many gallons of milk does it take to make a pound of cheese?  I gots to know.


--- Quote from: dj99 on March 20, 2010, 10:03:39 PM ---How easy and cheap?  How many gallons of milk does it take to make a pound of cheese?  I gots to know.

--- End quote ---

 It depends on the milk (solids and milk fat) but roughly 0.8 - 1 lb cheese per gallon. Around here store bought milk is ~ $3.29/gal. Parmesan cheese at the grocer is going for $22.00/lb :o So I can have a pound of any kind of cheese made in the world for the price of a gallon of milk plus about 50 cents for other ingredients (culture and rennet) and about 5 hours of my time. Just like beer! :D

 Aging is the hard part though. Cheddar 3 - 12 months. :) Parmesan - 12 to 24 months  ???

Just like this forum is the king for brewers, I found my wealth of info here if anyone is interested: Cheeseforum.org
Like beer forums, there are many but I found this to be the most informative. There are many places to buy ingredients - austinhomebrew.com being one.

Finally found a hobby, besides fishing, that me and the lovely and talented Ms. Tubercle can enjoy together. She considers herself a beer drinker which consist of 1/2 can of Coors light at a Christmas party once a year a "binge" but that doesn't exactly meet my definition 8)

Thanks for the info!

In the NW, I buy milk for $2 a gallon, and store brand medium cheddar cheese for $2 a pound on sale.  Sharp cheddar costs more.  Costco parmesan (not too bad), is something like $3.00-$3.50 a pound   It would have to be a lot better than store bought to spend 5 hours making it at that exchange rate!

I've always thought about making it myself.  Please post again when you get it done, and let us know how it turns out.

You should try your hand at DIY mustard next  ;D


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