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So, I wanted to make a cool portable kegerator for my 5 gallon cornies. I have seen the trash can method with ice, but I wanted a more personal kegerator. So I got the idea to use a 15 gallon roller cooler. My issue was that the kegs were way to tall for it. So I put on an extension, insulated it up, and put two holes for the tap. Right now I have picnic taps connected, but I am planning on putting real taps on soon. It fits two 5 gallon cornies pretty snuggly. Just add ice or frozen water bottles and it stays cold for a long time. I took it out to the lake for about 4 hours and the temp was perfect the entire time. I also use the CO2 cartridges just to push the beer. Just a short burst as the level goes down. I added a chalkboard so I can write what is in each keg also.

I am really happy with this and I think it looks really cool! What do you guys think?

klickitat jim:
Nice! Before summer I'm going to build one out of cedar lined with styrofoam sheeting.

Very nice. I just did the trash can thing.

I built a single keg unit basically the same way.  I didn't build the box for on top but once you get going there isn't any beer in the top of the keg anyway.  8^)

It works great and lasted for many years.  Your design looks very nice.

When you add the tap handles don't forget to put on some kind of drip tray.


Nice job, might have to build me one of those over the winter. Give me something to do along with brewing beer!


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