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Which hotel to stay at in Grand Rapids

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Hey everyone, I don't think the place in Grand Rapids has a hotel attached like in Phila. Where is the best spot to get a hotel at for the conference?

I have no inside information but it looks like there is a sky walk that attaches to the convention center where the Amway Grand Plaza hotel is.

Again, I have no idea who the host hotel is.

I hope I can find something close for less than $195/night - especially if I'm going to be there from Wednesday - Saturday!  :o

Wait for conference rates when the website goes live, and with the size of the conference there will be more than one hotel.

I think the Amway Grand is connected to the convention center. A little work with Mr. Google found this. town/hotels

Actually, I think three hotels are connected to the convention center.  Can't wait for more info to be posted.


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