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harvested yeast question (brewing today)

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I took this yeast from the carboy on the 11th of March.
I swirled the yeast cake with some boiled and cooled water
and dumped into sanitized jar, and put it in the fridge. I did not
do any other rinsing of the yeast. It is WLP 007 Dry English.
I was planning on making a small starter to get it activated.
Looking at this sample you can see a small thin layer on top.
Is that the yeast and the rest all trub? If that thin layer is the
yeast it won't be enough and I'll have to use my back up dry
yeast pack.


There's yeast mixed in throughout the cake.  That layer on the top is yeast that took longer to settle out.

Would you use it?
I was going to take a couple spoonfuls
and put them in a 1 pint starter.

Yeah, I'd definitely use it.  But why such a small starter?


--- Quote from: denny on March 21, 2010, 08:45:53 AM ---Yeah, I'd definitely use it.  But why such a small starter?

--- End quote ---

I was under the impression that when repitching
a slurry that is relatively fresh one didn't need
to make a starter? The Mr Malty calculator says I
need 90 mil of slurry. I was just doing the starter
to wake it up a bit. Got to heat some sparge water
and pitch that yeast into the starter.


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