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Fernet Porter
« on: November 29, 2013, 09:49:38 AM »
I had seen some publicity about Odell's Fernet Porter and decided it would make a great dessert beer for our Thanksgiving party last Saturday.

I still don't have the basement cleaned or organized so I haven't had space to brew for a long while now, but I was able to do something somewhat homebrew-y for Thanksgiving. A friend of mine had a bunch of vanilla porter that he had brewed and was more than happy to sell me some uncarbonated finished beer, he told me it'd be great to have less to bottle.

Anyway I took a 2.5 gallon soda keg and filled 'er up, put it on ~0.25 PSI for a week. A few days before I had taken about a cup and a half of medium toast virgin American oak chips and put them in a glass jar, adding Fernet until the liquid had just covered the chips. I let that sit for three days and then added the whole thing to the keg before pressurizing and had it on wood for a week. Tapped the keg, ran it through a beer engine w/ sparkler (hence the low carb volume) and I am not kidding, that beer was gone in an hour.

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