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Fermcap in Wine Fermentation?


I use Fermcap in all my beer fermentations to keep the krausen under control. I want to try my first wine and wonder if this is a concern in wine fermentations and if it's ok to use Fermcap here too?

Unless you're fermenting with crushed grapes, don't worry about it. Wine yeasts don't throw the same krausen

And if you're fermenting grapes, then you need to punch down the cap, not something fermcap will help with..

so the overall answer is no need.

One less thing to worry about means I'm one step closer to going down this road and finally putting my 6 gal glass carboys to use.

Are you going to be doing kits or buying grapes?  Not that it makes a difference in regard to the need for Fermcap (no need), just curious.


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