Author Topic: Methods for injecting co2 into bags, head space, etc  (Read 4178 times)

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Re: Methods for injecting co2 into bags, head space, etc
« Reply #15 on: December 03, 2013, 05:57:05 PM »
I use something like this hooked up to my co2 tank:
You can use the aforementioned keg charger to purge headspace but it comes out quite fast and those 16 gram cartridges can get expensive. If you tried to purge a bag of hops with it you'd have nothing in the bag but CO2!
Also, if you just pull that trigger when it's not attached to a keg, CO2 comes out so fast it freezes at the nozzle. You'll think the cartridge is empty - until you take it apart. Then the cartridge will rocket across the room as soon as it breaks free. Not that I've experienced this... umm ... a friend told me.
Years ago I barely escaped injury when someone thought their cartridge was spent.  When they went to replace it, the cartridge rocketed past my head and smashed an empty beer bottle on a shelf!
Scott B