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Has anyone used pineapple in their beer recepie? I was wondering if the reason that I have not seen any recepies with pineapple is because of the presence of the protein digesting enzyme bromelain within it... anyone know if that is potentially a problem?

I don't know about that, but another concern might be lowering the pH too much.  FWIW, I've gotten kinda mild pineapple esters from WY1084!

I know that Oskar Blues will sometimes do a Pineapple Pilsner on Firkin Fridays, but I always assumed that was a kind of dry hopped with pineapple beer.  I'll have to ask them what they do next time I'm in there....

Bromelain is the least of a brewer's worries using pineapple. The sheer acidity & fermentability can quickly leave a beer thin & seemingly unbalanced. I've made a couple of attempts, but now reserve pinas for the mead & winemaking side of my operation.  ;)  

I made a pineapple cream ale.  I added the pineapple (1 whole pineapple, chopped up, frozen and thawed out) to the secondary.  It was strange, but I grew to like it.


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