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All grain brewing - pump or no pump?

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Sorry if this is a redundant subject. I started out brewing using gravity, then switched to a pump. I'm switching back to gravity because I just find it easier and the pump noise drove me mad.

Just curious to see the feedback from both sides.

I plan to use a pump for the first time this weekend.  Brewing about 18 years now by gravity.  A few thing I want to do easier, like not climbing a ladder using a pump.  I also hope my cfc and shower head sparge will work better with a pump.

I use a pump but I currently only use it to whirlpool when I'm cooling w/ my IC.  I batch sparge and transfer strike/ mash water with a pitcher and wort transfers with a ball valve into the fermenter.  However, all that fancy-shiny brewing equipment is tempting, so we'll see how long I keep using the easy system I've got going.  :)

i've been using my pump exclusively to move strike and sparge water up to my cooler. its been great so far. i was originally going to use it to recirculate wort whilst cooling, but then it's just another piece of gear to clean and sanitize and worry about not being clean enough. i figure moving hot water around for me is well worth it's price.

A pump. It saves my back, increases my mash efficiency and reduces my cooling time.

It also takes longer to set up and tear down and makes more stuff to clean. (more hoses, trub filter and chiller)

Does it help me make better beer? Doubtful. It does save a fair amount of lifting, but if you don't like ditzing with it, ditch it. We mostly brew because we enjoy it. I say get rid of anything that interferes with that enjoyment.


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