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Looking for impressions of this yeast when used in styles other than Kolsch.

On Wyeast's site, the temp range is shown from 56-70F. Has anyone ever used it at higher ends of the range? I assume it would provide a more fruity flavor at higher temps. I am looking for a new yeast that I can use in a variety of beers year round. I think I would really like this yeast but it is hard for me to ferment much below 70 in the summer.

Any input?

I can't say I've used this yeast to make anything other than a Kolsch, but I can say that it makes one of my favorite beers.  There is a particular ester produced that I don't perceive from other strains.  It is spoken of as a hybrid yeast able to work both ale and lager temperature ranges.  I would expect that you get a lot more fruityness from a fermentation much warmer than 70.

I have used this yeast twice for Kolsch, and currently have a white IPA winding down that I held at 58 for a week and let rise to 66. I keep trying to get around to sampling it, but too many other chores right now. Very poor flocculation.

I am going to be giving it a go in a common in the mid 60's, another Kolsch, and a berliner soon.

I haven't used it over mid 60's, so I can't tell you how it works near 70.

I've used it in cream ales (meaning that there was some corn in the mash) and it was good.  I've also used it in cider and it was very good.  Somewhere in the high 60's for fermentation temp.  Still think it would probably be best in a Kolsch but I'd use it in any lighter ale without much concern.  Could be a bit fruity when hot, I got some definite apple and pear character from it when I've used it.

Given its distinct flavor profile, I've never considered it for anything other than kolsch.


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