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how to darken my Saison

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My Saison is mostly Pilsner malt with some Munich 10L, wheat, and cane sugar. I would like to get it a touch darker so that it is within style guidelines. Other than upping the % of Munich which I would rather not do I am not sure how get it darker. I have thought about decreasing the % of Munich but switch to 20L.

Any advice?

you could use a darker munich. I've not tried that. I gotta say, 1 srm is hardly even noticeable. Have you been dinged in competition for being too light color?

maybe some sinimar or cold steeped dark grain but it'll be a tiny tiny amount.

I make most Saisons out of Belgian Pils, pale Munich, a little wheat, and sometimes cane sugar. That's it. No color adjustment. There are plenty of pale ones out there.

Okay. I don't brew to style very much but try to stick to color guidelines for some reason. I guess I shouldn't worry if it is a bit below the lower threshold of 5 SRM...

klickitat jim:
I say ignore it and brew on. Unless the style police are watching, in which case I didn't say that, I was never here.


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