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2010 M/A ARTICLE - Smoke 'em If You Got 'em


So we're playing around with the idea of the Zymurgy forum and what we can do. One idea is "Ask the Author" - so I'll be the guinea pig. If you have any questions about anything custom smoke, fire away! (or should that be smoke away?)

I'll bite.  How 'bout a little better explanation of that "build your own mini smoker" thingy.  I couldn't even come close to picturing that thing in my mind from the description in the text (and the bitty pic didn't particularly help either).

Ok.. no sweat. ok, maybe a little sweat.

The contraption consists of two things:

2 of these bad boys:

and one of these.

Stack all 3 together and drill nice even holes through all three.

The cake pan you fill with your chips.

The takeaway pans form a aluminum bubble (e.g. top to top) that holds a perforated foil pouch of grain.

Cake pan goes on the burner. When the chips start smoking, toss the aluminum grain containment bubble into the cake pan and then let it smoke. Shake periodically to make encourage smoke formation.

Voila - the $3 grain smoker.

Now it makes sense.  Guess you need to actually unscrew the pans from when you earlier screwed them all to that board, huh?  :-\

Ahh, yeah, sorry if that was unclear.

The screw is just there to make it easier to neatly drill everything.


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