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Decoction yields greater?

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I just brewed an Oktoberfest last weekend and used a two step infusion with a single decoction at the end for the saccharification rest.  My target S.G was 1.058 and ended up with 1.066!  I've read on the forum that decoctions can increase your yields, is that what happend?  Is an 8 point increase about normal?
Will have to take this into account on my next decoction brew!

Decoctions have always increased my efficiency as well. My normal range is 70-76% depending on the gravity. The double decoction schedule I usually follow for most of my german beers will put me around 82-86% efficiency.

If your normal mash efficiency is low, you can get a large increase in mash and brewhouse efficiency from decoctions.

I usually see a 2 to 4 gravity point bump.

Always assumed the increase was for 2 reasons:

1. You usually use a higher water/grist ratio
2. You increase mixing during the mash

I also assumed I was seeing the increase because I had poor efficiency in the first place (~63%). Potentially a  system with a higher average efficiency wouldn't see a difference...


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