Author Topic: What are you guys using to filter your boiling kettle?  (Read 4659 times)

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Re: What are you guys using to filter your boiling kettle?
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I used a side pickup but then opted for a standard 10 inch false bottom for a sanke keggle with the dip tube in the middle.  With the sanke conversion, the side pick up missed too much wort - this shows the benefit of the flat bottomed kettle for guys who have that - the side kick up definitely was easier (less cleaning/disassembly, etc...)

What keeps the FB from becoming dislodged? Is there something on the dip tube that locks it down?

The false bottom is perforated stainless with a 1/2 inch hole in the middle for the stainless dip tube, which is curved down at a 90 degree angle as the tube enters from the sidewall.  It all fits pretty tight and picks up all but maybe a half cup of the wort.  I agree with the side pick up users, though.  Find out what you like and go for it.  The false bottom combined with leaf hops really gets me clear wort, though.  Just sayin!
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