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Re: Software
« Reply #15 on: December 19, 2013, 04:31:45 pm »
Beersmith allows batches.  Look to the "Version #."

I will have to mess with that when I get home and see if I like it. Thanks
Using beersmith, I find it easier to use the brew log to track what I did on a given day.  I have my recipe saved in the recipe section, and when I start brewing I add it to the brew log.  Then I go to the log and change stuff there to track hop/malt substitutions, actual fermentation profile, actual OG/FG, etc.  If I want to change the base recipe then I change the version of it in the recipe section.

But it is super annoying that when you move something to the brew log it does not change the date to the current date, it keeps it as whatever the recipe has as the date.  So the first thing I do when I switch to the brew log is change the date.
+1, I too miss this step lots of times. 

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Re: Software
« Reply #16 on: December 22, 2013, 08:19:27 pm »
Drop box is a good idea, but blocked by work firewall.  >:(

iBrewmaster looks interesting, but no windows version.  :-\

Does BeerSmith manage the files for the user in a database, or does it work more traditionally where you have individual files to manage? Is there one file that can be copied to a flashdrive and opened on another computer with all of the recipes and data?

BeerSmith stores its data in various .bsmx files. You'd need to copy the whole directory to be assured of getting all the ingredient and equipment data.
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Re: Software
« Reply #17 on: December 23, 2013, 06:36:29 am »
I've been using Beersmith for several years now and I'm very satisfied with it.  I gave BeerTools a try but the thought of paying a subscription fee is a waste to me.  I don't have a Mac so BeerAlchemy is out.

You can do batches in Beersmith.  There is a version field for each recipe.  One can copy and paste a recipe and then update the version field when they go to make the next batch. 

For backup and web posting I use brewblogger (  It's free but you have to use it on your own web hosted account (  Recipes and brew sessions can be exchanged between the two using BeerXML file exporting and importing.  Additional back ups are done using a backup drive when I do regular backups of my workstation. 
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