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I usually buy locally just to save on shipping.  But occasionally I'm looking for something that my local guy doesn't have.  Does anybody have a favorite online or mail-order shop that they are passionate about? :)

There are quite a few that are pretty good. If I order online I normally use More Beer, Austin Homebrew, Midwest, or Norther. Depends on what I am looking for. Probably got more from More Beer than anywhere. I have found that Midwest normally has the best price shipped. Depends again on the item. I normally buy local to though. There was a new place called Rebel Brewer I believe that was just getting started the last time I ordered anything online. Shipped fast, cheap and had good prices. If your looking for wine supplies FIne Vine Wines gets all off my business. He is expanding to a full line of beer supplies as well. Can't wait for that.

I just ordered from Brewmasters Warehouse.  They have a cool application on their site that allowws you to build your recipe and then place it in your cart.  What's nice is that you can order just what you need, so if you only need .25 lbs of Black Patent, you don't have to buy a pound.  Flat rate shipping and if you listen to The Brewing Network, there's a 10% discount code.

They are very customer oriented.  They actually called me the other day because they had a question about my order.  They could have easily sent an email, but I give them props for wanting the interaction with the customer.

I buy my hops from Nikobrew.com ( also with a Brewing Network discount ) who sells by the ounce, pound ( 1, 5, & 11 ).

Austin, Northern and Rebel in that order. Rebel is relatively new, but their prices are the best . . especially on grains and hops.


SwashBuckling Drunk:
I've never used these guys online, but I really like em- http://www.brewbrothers.biz/ . They're located near Portland, OR (I think near Hillsboro) and they deliver free to PDX metro if you order over $200 worth.  I live in Boring, OR (over an hour from them) and they've delivered to me 3 times so far.  Great pricing and really nice people.  I only know them from having them deliver to my house.  It's cool having 3 or 4 hundred dollars of grain delivered to your house.


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