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If you haven't tried it, gitcha some! I love it on ... well ... just about everything!

I have the hot stuff on the left and it is good.

Thats some good stuff. I have used their crawfish seasoning as well. It isn't that popular here though. Most everyone uses Tony Chachere's seasoning. It is a staple item. So common you tell someone its got Tony's on/in it they know just what you mean. See that stuff is made in Ville Platte. Not very far from me.

I agree its good stuff, I use the red hot alot. 

I admit I like it when I first tried it but the yellow one is way to salty for my taste now.  You cannot use it to "spice" up a dish because the heat level is not there and you end up oversalting.  I do at least. 

The white pepper is great on popcorn :) 
I prefer those over tonys.

also, another good one is the new Zattarans creole seasoning.  I tried it just to see and found it really great.  not as much heat so something you can use on chicken and chops and the like for the family .. but not overly salty.

I haven't seen that particular "flavor" of Zatarain's. I do agree though they have a great product. Actually been around a long time. I have lived here 10 years and it's been here since me. I use their Pro Crab Boil normally for my crabs and Crawfish. We get used to particular brands and always go to them. For example, I am not a fan of Tobasco Sauce but I love Crystal sauce. You find a particular smoked sausage nad boudin and stick with it and just don't buy anything if you can't find it.


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