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Simple Aeration?

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During my time on this forum I've come across several methods of aeration and some pretty elaborate methods. I once used a stirring rod that hooked up to my drill but have since even gotten away from that since I've started to filter my wort through nylon stockings into a bucket about 9 or 10 months ago. I was wondering if anybody else does the following or has any comments or concerns with my method....

As said above, I filter my wort into a fermenting bucket. Then I slowly dump the wort through a funnel and into a carboy. It appears that I have adequate aeration after this pour. I usually have active fermentation in 6-10 hours.

klickitat jim:
I will be pumping to fermentor after whirlpool settles. I then let my wort and yeast pitch sit in the refer over night. The next morning I aerate with a mix stir and pitch.

I pour from my kettle into two buckets through a strainer. I carry the two buckets downstairs and pour them into my conical. All that pouring whips up all the air my yeast needs.

After I transfer my cooled wort to conical, I aerate with 100% O2 for 50 seconds using aeration stone/rod (from Williams) hooked to small/cheap 02 welders tank u can get at any hardware store.  I boil the stone and then soak in stars an prior to aeration. 

Still happy with my handy balloon whisk.


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