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WLP 568 temp question

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Got the starter cold crashing in the lager fermenter Chest for a brew day tomorrow...any thoughts on what temps for how long with this strain for best results? White labs says 70-80, but I'm thinking a few days at 68 would be better, then ramp it up each day after that until high 70's are reached. I have the heater wrap and thermowell ready to run...

Mark G:
I've had success pitching this at 69, then letting it free rise to 78, and holding it there until it's done.

Thanks for the info - I guess this is one where the manufacturer's recommendation is worth heeding.  I'll leave it until after work today in the 60's and increase it tonight to mid 70's!

My SOP for saison is pitch at 68, hold for 24-36 hours, then let it free rise up to 78°. Sometimes need to put a little more effort into the dupont strain, but these days I am solidly a 3711 guy.

Cranked the heater to 76 (digital thermostat with thermowell probe being used with wrap heater on bucket), so it is doing great in the kitchen.  Sugar addition Sunday to prevent the stall - I may crank it to 80 then.  Hoping for the best!


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