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klickitat jim:
Some time back I tried rinsing my yeast as I saw on a YouTube. It didn't do much for me so I've just been swirling my yeast cakes and settling in the fridge. Then I decant and pitch.

Last night I listened to Brew Strong yeast rinsing. I had a month old IPA cake in the fridge so I thought I'd hive Jamil's method a whirl.

So on kegging day I left a bit of beer on the cake. I sterilized a quart jar. Then I swirled the yeast and bit of beer till it was a homogeneous slurry. Dumped that into the sterile jar and put it in the fridge.

Today I sterilized a quart of water. This is my settled slurry and the sterile H2O.

Next I decanted the beer off the top of my settled cake. Then topped it off with sterile H2O.

Then I shaked the snot out of it. Crack the lid every few seconds so it doesn't grenade in your hands. Let it settle. Leave lid almost finger tip tight so gasses can escape.

(standby, story continues)

klickitat jim:
...leave lid loose.

I let that settle an hour. Its hard to see in the photo but there are more dark bits n junk in the bottom inch or so. I think if this wasn't from a 10 srm hoppy dry hopped IPA, maybe it would be easier to see. Note the sterile water jar. I've dumped out some of it so it matches the level of the stuff I want to leave behind.

Next I do another decant. Now instead of decanting stuff I don't want down the drain, I'm decanting stuff I want into the sterile H2O jar. With the right amount of water in it it's easy to know when to stop pouring.

I shook that again, cracking the seal frequently so I don't have to dial 911 with yeasty bloody hands. And then I popped it in the fridge.

Tomorrow we'll see what it looks like.

Your slurry looked pretty good to start Jim. Personally I get a metric ton of trub in the fermenter.

klickitat jim:
Thanks. This is just for fun and to see what happens. That was one of my dirtier cakes. And it was getting old so I thought I'd play with it. Maybe someone will see this thread and it will help them. Maybe it will just prove that I don't need to bother.

Looks good Jim! I like to read about different methods of harvesting yeast. I like to use three jars. I will dump two jars of sterile water into my carboy and shake up. Then pour the water/yeast/trub into the two jars. I let the trub settle out for about a half hour to 45 minutes. I decant the liquid sitting on the settled trub in one of the jars into the third jar. This is the goodness that I'm keeping. I dump the trub out of the first jar. Then I take the second jar and decant the good liquid into the newly empty jar. Then label the jars and put in the fridge. This way I have two nice slurries ready for when I have over-lapping brews.

I have a problem with you fridge though....I see only one beer!  :P


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