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Broke my bottle washer :(


I have one of those fermtech double blaster bottle washers.  I have had it for a while.  In was in the bottom of the sink and a bunch of stuff got thrown in on top of it.  Busted of the inlet stem where the braided hose connects.  Bummer.

I was trying to think of a way to fix it.  The first thought was maybe use some water weld epoxy.  It's waterproof and food safe when cured.  Not sure if that would hold up to pressure though.  The next thought was to somehow drill it out and use a plumbing screw type or compression fitting.  Though I acn't think of a simple and effective method.

Any ideas?  Other than dropping another $20 on a new one...

Oh, and while I think of it.  I was having a problem with one of the regular bottle attachments.  It did not spray.  Did not appear to have any blockages or damage to it.  It just sprays out at the base rather than out the nozzle when pressed.  Any ideas on that one?  I just used the carboy attachment on one side and a bottle one on the other.

I guess if I cannot fix it I may play around with making it into a co2 bottle purger like I saw at this small winery I visited once.  I would like to fix it though.  Despite being a kegger I seem to be cleaning bottles all the time anyway!

So I was really missing my bottle washer today as I am cleaning a few carboys.   :'(

As no one had any thing to say I decided to just give the water weld a shot.  I reread the claims for it and it would seem to be perfect.  Cures food safe and will cure under water (not just in the presence of... not that I am doing that.)  Seems to suggest it will withstand some pressure.  I am no engineer so I have no idea what this means but it claims a tensile strength of 6000 psi, a compression strength of 12000 psi, a shear strength of 700 psi and an hardness of 65-70 psi.  Again, not sure what that means in laymens terms but I am thinking my household water pressure is not anywhere near high enough to compromise.  I highly doubt my hot water heater will ever heat the water to 300F  ;) so that should be safe.

Well, I will post back one way or another in case anyone else ever finds themselves in this situation.


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