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You guys aren't sick of me asking yeast starter questions yet are you??? I've read various instructions on how to make a yeast starter, and they all call for varying amounts of water to DME.
How much should I use of both for my starter?

Should I start one now (smack pack still in 'fridge) if I want to brew on Saturday?

**I should mention I don't have a digital scale**

Never sick of questions. is my go to.

How big is the beer and do you have a stir plate?


the one dave linked is the best, and yes, you should get started tonight, latest tomorrow night if you want to be able to crash the starter and dump the spent wort.

if you're not going to crash/dump, then 48 hours ahead is probably sufficient.

Use .75 oz. DME per cup of water for a 1.035ish starter.  I like

I don't have a stir plate, and the beer's OG should be around 1.067.


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