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Wyeast 1450 holding at 1.017 after 4wks

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Made DC's Rye IPA and fermented a 10g batch with a 1g starter of 1450. Fermented at 65* for three weeks and it didn't appear to be moving from 1.017. So, I warmed it up to 70* a few days ago and it still isn't budging. I'm guessing it's done, but when I cold crash the hydrometer sample there's a lot of yeast that falls out of suspension. If I were kegging I wouldn't bat an eye, but I'm bottling this batch so I'm a bit gun shy of bottling too early.

I'm thinking it's time to dry hop, give it 7 days, then bottle.

Any advice?

Before you ask, I have no idea what OG was because I forgot to take a hydrometer reading but the runoff was pretty tasty  :P

Jeff M:
If you get no movement for a solid week you are probably done:)


Make sure you calibrate your hydrometer in tap (or better yet distilled) and check to see that it reads 1.000. Most of mine are off from 2-6 points.

I used two different hydrometers and they both read very close to the same, however I just calibrated as you suggested only to discover they both read 2-3pts high.

Sounds like she's done. Thanks for the quick responses.

I bet you're done.  The recipe in the wiki here shows an OG of 1.085, finishing @ 1.015 which is attenuation of ~ 81%.  Assuming you used that recipe and were at or near the stated OG, and finished @ 1.017 then you're pretty much there. +1 to calibrating your hydrometer.


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