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I'm brewing my third 5-gallon batch tomorrow and am wondering if I should buy distilled water, "drinking" or "purified"? Of course I could use tap water, but I would prefer not to. Thanks gents.

Distilled or Reverse Osmosis water are your best bets.  This is because your extract will have all the water salts in them already so you don't need to add any, and it has all the bad stuff removed (read chlorine, etc.).

Any of those are fine but if you can, go for RO without the minerals added back in. But, I've also found "spring" drinking water works well. Something like Ozarka. Whatever brand is in your neck of the woods...

My rule of thumb is if you like drinking the water you'll love it in your beer- even in an extract batch.

Thank you! No luck on RO, found some distilled.

That got me thinking....a sometimes dangerous thing, I know.  I wonder if the manufacturers of malt extracts would have the water analysis for their extracts available to extract users.  Briess gives a great deal of information about all of the malt used and technical specs on those issues on its website, but nobody mentions the water analysis....or at least I didn't see anything mentioned.  Given the great strides made in improving malt extracts, it would seem to be a logical extension of information to provide.


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