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Scottish Export 80 Shilling-Big Brew


The Big Brew recipe for the Scottish Export 80 Shilling says Roasted Barley (300°L), but all the brewers supply sites have 500°L Roasted Barley.  Chocolate is closer to 300°L; would that be better to use?

Hmmm . . FWIW, Weyermann roasted is 435 L. Honestly, I use a dab of crystal 60 with the Golden Promise in my Scottish 80 and wouldn't change a thing.

I know . . not much help . . .  :-[

I use an ounce of roasted barley for color only.  ~500L I believe, but next time I might only throw it in at the sparge for color - I noticed a bit of roasty flavor this time 'round.

I may even skip it altogether.  I pull a gallon or so of the first runnings and boil it down to get some kettle carmelization.  That gives some color, although I could care less about the color as long as the flavor is there.

I would stay with the flavor of the roasted barley over getting the right SRM color with chocolate. Use less roasted if you want the color to be lighter.

I don't recall Greg's book calling for 300L roasted barley. 

In fact I just looked it up. 

Neither of the 80/- recipes (the "modern" 1991 or the 1850's recipe) specifies a particular lovibond rating for the roasted barley.  Actually, only the 1991 recipe utilizes roasted barley.

Not sure where the AHA got the 300L Roasted Barley?  Either I have an older date edition, or they got their recipe direct form VPB and it differs from the book?


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