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Restarting mead fermentation after already stabilizing initial ferment

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I am making an apple pie mead which is stalled out at 1.08.  I made a major mistake and accidentally racked it into potassium sorb ate/metabisulfate before realizing it wasn't done.  I brought up an active 1/2 gal starter of Lalvin 1116 and pitched it at peak activity 24 hours later.  Seemed like it might get it going again but now slowing down and flocking out still around 1.08.  I oxygenated well and did staggered nutrient additions over first 3 days.  My impression was the potassium sorb/ metabisulfate should not stop active ferment so rep itching active yeast should work.  Any suggestions?  Mead tastes great just way too sweet.  Thanks!

Jeff M:
Maybe make a second small batch that ferments dry and blend?  I was under the impression that once Potassium K is present you are pretty much stuck.  From what ive just read it looks like the Potassium Meta inhibited the active yeast and the potassium K kept them from reproducing.

I'm not really sure what you can do... Possibly blending it with another batch already in an active fermentation  would dilute the KMeta and K Sorbate enough to allow for continued fermentation?  That's all I really can think of.

Jimmy K:
What was the OG on this?

Og was around 1.13


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