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Re: Malts that add body to beer
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My FG for the last 2 brews were 1.010 and 1.012.

pretty consistent with what i'd expect an all basemalt FG.

If you want to stick with all MO, try 158df mash temp as Kyle suggested above. I'd expect a little less attenuation.  If you are fly sparging, are you raising to mashout before sparging?  Just checking as if not, the extra 45-60min at mash temps could make your wort more fermentable.

If you want to use some crystal, which I personally would prefer for some flavor complexity, I would actually start at 7% of a medium (15-45L) crystal, and keep your mid range mash temp.  Then if its too much, rachet down to 5% next time or up to 10% if you still want more.

I batch sparge, so I don't raise up to mash-out temps.  I'm going to try the middle of the road approach with the Crystal and then go from there.  Of course, now that will be later this summer before I get an opportunity to brew again.  I'm in the Navy and I'll be going away for a bit and visiting a hotter climate.  Thanks for all the help and suggestions!
I guess it depends if you want the Carmel malt character/sweetness in your beer (excluding carapils which don't add much flavor). The ester profile has a lot to do with the body as well, so pitching rates, fermentation temp and yeast strain can make a big difference on the body.  Take care in that hotter climate.

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