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Major slowdown in Fermentation

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I started my first batch on Saturday. Things went pretty smooth for the most part. Just the typical rookie mistakes I guess.
Sealed up the fermenter, took 2 steps away and remebered the yeast. Opened it back up and added the yeast, dry sprinkled on top. Then I knocked over my cylinder of wort before I could check the OG. Decided not to open it again. Just moved on .This was at 3:30 Sat afternoon. Placed the fermenter in a container of water with a T-Shirt over it for cooling like suggested by MAJORVICES. This worked very well keeping the wort in the low 60's. By Sunday AM 7:00 had active fermentation. Continuous bubbling in he airlock. 11:00pm Sunday night still very active. This morning (Mon AM) the bubbling had slowed to one gurgle every 20 sec.  Is this normal? Or am I just paranoid? It just seems like it should not have slowed down so dramatically.

That does seem a little quick but without knowing your OG it's tough to say.  What OG were you shooting for?  Which yeast did you use?

I spilled my cylinder of wort before I got to check the OG. This was MW-Autumn Amber, target was 1.042-1.046. I used the Muntons 6g dry yest that came with the kit. The cooling suggestion from MAJORVICES really worked. To the point of maybe getting too low. the wort has stayed between 62-68F.

62-68 should be fine.  If this is a five gallon batch you underpitched a bit but that doesn't sound like the problem.  Actually you may not have a problem at all.  The gravity on that isn't all that high so if you had an active fermentation it might already be done.  It's only been two days so just let it go for another few days and then take a gravity reading.  If it's considerably higher than what you expected let us know and we'll go from there.

I think you be fine - you still have activity after 2 days.  I used this yeast a few times when I started brewing 2 years ago and I've seen a similar pattern - slowing at the end of the second day and no activity by the forth.  My temps were about 65F.  I took gravities readings on day 5 and 7 to see if it was done, then let it sit a couple more until I had time to bottle.

I no longer use this yeast.  It did make good beer, but other yeasts enabled me to make better beer. (That and a lot of experience learned from sites like this).


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