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In Belgium, they utilize a specific cherry variety for additions to the Kriek style beers.
Since I have no hope of obtaining any of this particular variety,
What is available in the US, that approximates this cherry closely?
Oregon fruit puree?
Michigan Sour Pie cherries?

I've heard Balaton cherries are a close approximation.  A web search will turn up sources; Ken Schramm reports on one farm in Michigan near Traverse City that will ship them:
Combining Balatons and North Star reportedly gives a very good color and flavor.  In my experience, Montmorency cherries make great pie but are not great by themselves when fermented (need to be mixed with a darker, sweeter cherry in my opinion).


I assume you're talking Schaarbeek Cherries. Sadly, they don't even grow enough of those in Belgium anymore and its a rare Kriek that uses them exclusively.

Good stuff if you can find some  ;)

Drie Fonteinen Schaerbeekse Kriek

And that's the precise one I wass thinking about. Beautiful beer.


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