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Author Topic: Force carbonation with beer gas  (Read 18714 times)

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Re: Force carbonation with beer gas
« Reply #15 on: March 08, 2010, 06:09:37 pm »
Any recommendations for a "sweet spot" level of carbonation (co2 volumes), prior to dispensing with beer gas? 

I guess that begs the question of what to look for in a pour.  I'm assuming you want the cascade effect that creates a decent head and that creamy appearance, while leaving a respectable amount of carbonation and lacing  when drinking the glass of beer.  I've been reading that the beginning co2 level should be between one and two volumes, and then dispense at equivalent beer gas pressure - say dispensing at 13 psi beer gas for a beer previously carbed with co2 to 1.8 volumes, carbed/served at 38F.

When I tried at that low a level I didn't get enough of a cascade effect to intrigue me, and then overcompensated by carbing to 2.4 volumes and dispensing with beer gas at 33 psi, which resulted in lots of foam and flat beer.

I guess I'm slowly dialing it in!