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Brass or Chrome Faucets?

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Is there a difference beyond aesthetics?  I have three brass faucet bodies that need major cleaning, plus need to buy the lever, bonnets, etc.  Thinking about just buying new ones, though.  If I do, is chrome a better choice?

If you're going to buy new ones, the forward seal faucets are far better than the regular brass or chrome ones.  There are no parts to stick in them as there are in the other faucets.  They might be slightly more expensive but are worth the money because of the lack of problems associated with them. 

Here's a picture so you'll know what I'm talking about:

+1200 on the Forward Seals.

They are more expensive, but they work wonders, particularly in low volume serving situations like you, me and the bumblebee homebrewer.

With the regular rear seal faucets, the beer dries out on the lever mechanism basically locking the tap closed with dried goo. The forward seals don't let that happen and instead you'll get an easy open without having to feel likc you're possibly breaking your taps, tower or bar everytime you pour your first beer.

If you have a frozen tap, you'll have to break out the hot water to clean it out.

Thanks for the tips, guys.  I also read something in the brewer's association draft book that says brass imparts metallic taste sometimes.  These are very good things to consider.  Perhaps I should splurge on the faucets considering I found the tower for $20.

The std rear seal faucets work fine in a jockey box or tap system designed for short term use (think events) where you will flush/ clean them after the event, or in continuous use pouring beer as in a brewpub.

For homebrew kegerator use the forward seal faucets are better, much better.

On second thought, buy the standard faucets now,  that way when you buy the foeward seal faucets (and you will buy them) you will have a set of faucets that you can re-purpose into a a portable tap box for events.



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