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Yeast in freeze and my primary didnt ferment

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Has a newbie I am on my 6th  kit beer and 1 wine.
For some reason I didnt get any fermation at all on this batch.
I took a reading today and it is only .002 point away from my OG is 1.084 and the reading today is 1.082 this is for a Beligm Triple ..I brew it on 3-21-10 last ssunday and been working 12 hours and notice the air lock cap didn't raise and the Home brew place is closed today and going to repitch tommorrow.
Do I look to see what yeast is in the same kit if they have one or just buy any yeast and I think everything is ok has far as the wort is dont see any thing growing and I gave it a good hard couple of shakes to wake it up If you will
Whats  one to do ?
I put the yeast in the freeze when I bought it because it was going to be a couple of weeks before I could get to it and I dont think I am going to do that again.

What about pitch it straight into the fermenter or make slurry up
Should I wait a cople more days
I have another beer on the 2nd  dairy its a Calf. style pale and please explain how to filter or should I filter at all ?

What yeast did you use?

As to filtering, I wouldn't worry about it.  Very few homebrewers do, and as a new brewer, you have a lot of other things to think about.  In addition, it takes special equipment.

I seen these whole house filters they sell and I have a new one on the self I havn't used yet and was just wondering / I think it is a 5 micon
and way they say it gets you away from the secondary , true or not true ?
what do you think about the beer that didnt fernent I think it was nottingham
I will go look and se if I still have the packit it came with

Cant find the packit it came with but it was yellow and nottingham seems to be what it was called
has far as number or type it came with the kit
I was going to go get some today but there closed on mondays
will any yeast work like yeast from the store ?

I had the packit in the freezer and took it out and made a slurry for 1/2 cup from cooled boiling water to sterle water. went off the directions never had a problem before.
I am trying to get all the conponts together to build a system for all grain
want to buy 2 x 2 ss square wall tubing got to check on pricing and I have one 15.5 gal keg that about it as far has all grain
been getting my kegerator together building the collar this next couple of days ,I have 5 corney keggs and a 20 lb co2 cyclinder and got all that under control.
and working now i am out of HB and got one in the seconatry and this one the is stuck I gress
does this thing have spell checker ? 
What are these other things do I need to worry about ?


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