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Author Topic: Fe"BREW"ary Homebrew Festival! 2nd Annual (Fort Myers, FL) 2-22-14  (Read 1546 times)

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Hangar 41 Winery and Brew Shop is hosting a Homebrew festival. We will have both Craft brewers and Homebrewers on hand showing off their handiwork!

We will also have great tasting beers being sampled and voted on by YOU the people!

Prizes to win, people in the homebrew community to meet, even some food to eat!

Enjoy a great event in Fort Myers!

Event Cost: $10/person advanced purchase
$15/person at the door
Discounts are available to entrants and Hangar 41 Brew Club members.

Start planning your recipe's!

Saturday Feb. 22 at 2:00 we will be hosting our second annual brew competition. There are still many things to be determined but we want to give you something to start with.

Brew Categories:
All submissions will be judged to BJCP standards in the category the beer is submitted. It is the responsibility of the brewer to submit the beer to the correct category.

1.   Light Hybrid Beer – BJCP Category 6
2.   IPA (India Pale Ale) – BJCP Category 14
3.   Belgian & French Ale – BJCP Category 16

Submission and Admission Fees are to defray the cost of the event and to pay for awards and prizes. Discounts are available to entrants and Hangar 41 Brew Club members.

Entry Fee: $7 per submission. (Submission Fee includes event entry for the entrant.)
Hangar 41 Brew Club members with a Premium Economy membership level or higher get their second entry fee waved.

Event Cost: $10/person advanced purchase
$15/person at the door
Discounts are available to entrants and Hangar 41 Brew Club members.

Submission Guidelines

•   Submissions are due no earlier than 14 days prior to the event and no later than 7 days prior to the event.
•   Bottles need to be submitted with no labels in 12-16 oz. bottles with the submission form filled out to completion.
•   2 Bottles are required for the judged portion of the contest and an additional 4 bottles for the optional people’s choice portion of the event.

Homebrew competitions provide homebrewers with valuable feedback on their brews from trained beer judges.

While some homebrewers enter competitions to win awards, others enter to get an unbiased, objective analysis of their entry. Let’s face it, you may think your beer tastes great, and your friends may say it tastes pretty good, but how would an unbiased judge describe it in a blind tasting?

Ultimately, entering competitions will make you a better brewer. Judges’ feedback can give you information about your sanitation procedures, ingredients, brewing process, and/or your recipe formulation. You may even take home some ribbons or medals!

The day of the event we will have guest speakers, great beer, and even some food available.

Bring friends that may be interested in learning more about homebrewing.

Most Importantly - Bragging rights!
Gift Cards
Cash Prizes

Beers will be judged on:
and Overall Impression

Judges to be announced.

Hangar 41 Homebrew club members who have a level 2 or 3 membership will get a second entry for free.