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Re: WLP037 - Yorkshire Square
« Reply #15 on: February 12, 2014, 06:36:46 PM »
Got my first brew up and running with this yeast yesterday. A pretty basic Nut Brown:

83.3% MO
11.1% 80L English Dark Crystal
5.6% Fawcett Pale Chocolate

1.047 OG
17 IBU EKG @ 60 min and 0.5 oz at flameout

Man, this is some chunky yeast! It took a long time for me to shake the floccing yeast back into suspension before pitching. I'm hoping I can keep it in the temp range I want. Upstairs is 72F and the basement is 59. Got the Brew Belt on it in the basement and hoping I can hit the mid 60's.

Still debating on whether an ESB or Old Peculier clone is up next...

i use yorkshire this time of year when its out..cottage cheese or curdled milk for sure.
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