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WTB -Ventmatic Faucet, HAVE ONE


Looking for a Ventmatic faucet. I need one more line in
the frig.

Their in at CHI!

They recently went back into production.  It looks like they are sold out now (due to a manufacturing issue) but should be available again soon (or maybe you can find them now from a different supplier).


Thanks, I talked to CHI last week and the person I spoke to stated it will be some time
before the NEW ventmatics will be available. They are working through additional design
changes and testing. I'm still looking. Their has to be one that is in need of a good home.

I have recently been in contact with the owner of the company (this week) and he said to please contact him at ventmaticco@gmail.com, Attn: Brad, to discuss getting a real ventmatic faucet directly from him - the newest design too. So stoked he making them again!

Also, he sent me a clip of the newest faucet pouring - if anyone wants to see, hit me up. Looks really good.

-Amber aka Ambeer


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