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Anyone else, or was I the only account that got wiped? Anyone know if there's a database backup so I could get my avatar back?

Oddly enough, it looks like my previous posts are still around (with avatar and such). Almost like I'm on a different account.

there are two users out there with your ID, one had your avatar and your post count but apparently you got signed on as the other one.

I'll post something in the moderator thread to make sure denny and drew see this. That happened to me once years back over at the B3 forum. Never got anything back.

Jimmy K:
Did you reset your password? Maybe it reset it for the wrong account, in which case they could delete this one and reset the password for the other one.

If you look at the member list, almost all accounts created before 2012 have a duplicate. Me, bluesman, morticai ... denny has three!

Hi a10t2-

I sent you a PM to help you get this sorted out.



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